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Ok, got a new blog started.  This one lacked direction and purpose.  I have started a new blog

GHMCL banner

A Girl and Her Middle Class Life

Its all about our journey to a better life. We have embraced the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University lifestyle and we are working towards a debt free life.  I am almost done with my degree.  Things are changing for our family.  So join me in our story!


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I went to a photo shoot with Baby the other day. She is a very photogenic baby! I am working on downloading all the photos and there are a few I want to print. Katrina, the photographer, was offering a free photoshoot to build her portfolio and to have new material for her website. Its a win-win situation because she gets new material and I get cute photos! yay! And they are wonderful.

Professional Photo IMG_6253 IMG_6260 IMG_6263
Katarina and her husband(?) Damien also offered to do a post wedding photoshoot for John and I. we never did get any professional photos done of the dress and on the day. They are going to do that for free if john does a “hero” photo shoot with Damien for a separate project he is working on. John said yes! yay. its another win-win. Im super excited to get some professional photos of my dress and john had on his wedding pants which he still has. we are getting his ring fitted on the next chance we get so he will have that on.

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Long Time No See!!

Its only been two years since I have blogged anything! Wow! Well, I suppose that I can pick it back up again now that we have settled down a bit.  Things have been crazy.

We got married!! 

Hubby, me, MIL, and both sisters in law

Yes we did.  In a beautiful indoor ceremony out on the islands we got married. June 1, 2013 It was wonderful and so fun.  Our celebration was very low key and casual. There was homemade food, homemade wine, and homemade everything else.  I made my dress (see previous blog post) and I pretty much made everything else too.  Our friends helped with the food and iTunes was our DJ.  Hubby’s dad was the officiant.  I loved everything about our little wedding.  Even the beer pong that was played.

We moved…twice.


Yes, the day after the wedding we found out that our landlord was under foreclosure and that we would have to move.  I don’t know what he was doing with the rent money we had been paying him for 18 months, but he was NOT paying the bank.  So we had 90 days to move. We took most of the time to find a house that was suitable and affordable which is not easy around here.  We needed up way too far out of town and spending a fortune on gas to commute to work and school. So when our lease was up we moved closer again.  (He ended up selling the house 2 months later anyway.)

We had a baby!

new baby!

Yup! We had a baby.  I got pregnant in November 2013 and we had a beautiful lil surprise gender baby in August 2014. A GIRL!  Yay for us.  She is a character and the older two are wonderful at being a big brother and sister.  She was 8lbs 9oz and 21 inches.  She has been a prefect little baby girl. She is nearly never grouchy.  And this time around I have been very successfully breastfeeding which I wasn’t able to do with the first two.  I have been enjoying every minute of it.

We got a new car.

(sorry I don’t have a picture of it)

We were driving a very horrible economical ’99 Jetta.  It was only $800 and I was exactly what we needed when we needed it. But, we needed something newer and something that had working AC!  It gets way too hot here and humid to have a car with no AC.  I actually got stuck in stand still traffic in the middle of the day while pregnant and I had to open the doors and fan myself with an envelope for nearly two hours once!! A very nice lady gave me a water bottle.  It was just so hot. (Guess it would have been nicer if she let me sit in her car with AC…) Anyway, we were gifted a car from Hubby’s dad.  They recently got a new van and we got their old car. Its a 2000 Ford Taurus and it is NICE!!! It has a great AC and lots of bells and whistles. Its also bigger than the Jetta and drives better.  I love it.

Nearly done with school.

I have been steadily charging away at my degree.  I’m almost done.  I have 3 very strenuous semesters left and then I have my student teaching for 12 weeks.  After that I will be done and have my teaching certificate! I have been accepted into the College of Education at my university. I am officially a teacher candidate and I have credentials to prove it!



The two older kids are growing up very fast.  Son is going into 4th grade. And Daughter is going into third.  Last year Son got accepted into the gifted program.  His behavior at school has improved 10 fold.  He is now being challenged and he has to pay attention. It is a great thing for him.  The gifted teacher also tested Daughter but she didn’t make it.  They are going to do it again this year because the requirements are different in 3rd grade than 2nd.  She told me that if Daughter had been in 3rd grade she would have made it no problem. So this year she is probably going into the program too. I’m so proud of my little smartie-pantses!!

The Garden




Well everything that I have ever planted in the past has died.  I tried in 2013 to start seeds.  They died. Lessons learned though.  I overwatered the poor things and they all drowned. Then we moved and I tried again. Everything died.  We directly put the seeds into the ground, but then when we thine them they all died.  Except the cantaloupe and watermelon, those died after growing fruit to about 50% the size they are supposed to be. Argh! Well this year we bought plants at Lowe’s and planted those in our little garden.  They did ok.  The tomatoes actually made tomatoes! The mint grew like crazy but I think it is because Mint is an invasive species and you can’t kill it by trying! The cucumbers turned out little, round and yellow.(?) Not sure how that happened.  The watermelon once again made fruits about 4″ in diameter before rotting on the vine.  The peppers…well 3 plants made about 1 pepper each.  2 plants died right off the bat. And the Poblano plant is now making peppers, and drooping to the side a lot.

The Dogs


Edgar and Roxy are grown up dogs now!! They don’t act like it though.  Roxy hurt her leg a few months ago and I don’t think she will ever be the same.  She limps.  At least she isn’t in pain.  Edgar discovered girls.  He is an intact male and I am thinking of getting him cut now that he is bigger and acting dumb.  I didn’t want to before because I liked his energy and his antics but lately he has been escaping and being a butt head.  I want to do the right thing and not aid in the overpopulation of dogs.  But I’m afraid that he will change.  I guess since he’s being a turd now I don’t mind if he changes a bit.  We will see how it goes.

Well thats the low down on our little life.  I will hopefully update this blog more than once every few years.  It helps that we have internet at home again.

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Continuing on the dress *pic heavy*



So I finished the dress with only a couple days to spare for the wedding…even though I started nearly a year in advance.  Some days I loved it, other days I hated it.  There were times when I seriously regretted making my own dress, and other days when I loved the idea that my daughters may one day wear the dress I made so long ago.  Anyhow, here are pictures of when I cut the fabric and started piecing it all together.  Sorry that they arent in any real order and just kind of bunched at the bottom of the blog post, but I havent got alot of time today and I wanted to get this posted because people have been asking about it.  Maybe I’ll clean up the post a bit another time.  enjoy!
64171_828138891498_1788837288_n 74276_828138821638_128325809_n 387180_828138831618_1135857779_n 391011_828138941398_351974400_n 408711_828139445388_714100159_n 21180_828139550178_1888819480_n 23868_828139774728_1520469738_n 31036_828139754768_780787418_n 66034_828139764748_1629773990_n 164668_828139435408_1418605686_n 601691_828139829618_839328811_n 72883_828140064148_1338673624_n 923425_828140069138_2142965793_n

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Seed Starting 2013

Well, its that time of year.  The holidays are over and everyone is recovering (and 10lbs heavier) from all the madness, cooking, shopping, and family get-togethers.  Now we can relax…sort of.  It is, as many of you southern gardeners know, time to start seed for the spring garden!

I like to do seeds because they are WAY cheaper.  Now that sounds like I have been at it for years.  To be honest this is only my second year trying my hand at gardening.  Last year I successfully murdered all my plants in my kitchen before I got them transplanted in the outside garden.  I watered them way too much and they didnt get enough light either so they got very tall and leggy.

Anyway, lessons learned and I am at it again.  This year I will be doing a combination seeds and plants from the nursery.  Another lesson I learned too late last year was that you dont start all your plants from seed because it is just too hard!  Some plants are so finicky that almost everyone who isnt a professional just buys the plants.  So this year I am a little wiser and I am starting some of my plants from seed and buying the rest as hardened small plants.  (Also, if I commit genocide in my kitchen again I will just buy them all.)

On to the plants, this is how I started my seeds.

I got all my supplies ready:

trays or pots for starting seeds (I used trays and empty up-cycled yogurt cups!



Seed starting mix.  I got Miracle Gro at walmart for $3.97




Pellets for easy seed starting.  The reason I got both pellets and mix was because I am not only using the specialty trays, but also using other “pots.”  I got these at walmart for $2.97




SEEDS!!!   Of course for starting seeds your gonna need the actual seeds.  I have some that I stored away last year in ziplock bags. I kept them in the back of a big shelf behind all my garden supplies.  I hope that was a cool/dark enough place for them.  We will see!




Last year I also made the stupid mistake of cutting off the top of the seed packets in such a way as to also cut off the name of many of the seeds.  So I can tell what basically they are like these peas here but I have no idea what variety.  What sucks about that is that some plants differ greatly within the type.  Like beans.  I started some beans but I dont know if they are pole beans or bush beans.  And I cant remember from last year either.

Now that I have everything, I put the starter pellets in the tray and pour warm water on them until they puff up.  Drain the excess water.  I also mostly fill the yogurt cups with starter mix.

I added two to three seeds per pellet/pot and cover with a bit of mix.







I always label the seed trays or the yogurt cups so that I know what is in it…. kind of silly on this one right?



Then I cover the trays with the pellets in them with their lid.  With the yogurt cups I cover them with a bit of clear wrap.



Then I put them in a warm place.  For me that is on the counter in my kitchen.  In the one corner, the air vent blows right on that spot so it is a little warmer than the rest of the kitchen.


Now we wait…

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